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Maryland Minute 4.13.12: Smotrycz Visiting This Weekend, Other Terps Potpourri

Young Kobe with the semi-photobomb on the left there.
Young Kobe with the semi-photobomb on the left there.

No true "lead" story today on Friday the 13th. Enjoy a random assortment of links as you keep an eye out for Jason Voorhees, or black cats, or something.

Smotrycz's visit schedule
Maryland today(!) and presumably the rest of this weekend, then Colorado next weekend, then Providence. Being the first visit would be nice if he was bowled over and committed on the spot. If not ... I'm not too psyched about two others getting a shot at him.

Although it doesn't appear he's in College Park quite yet. But hey, I don't judge a man on his toothbrush preference, SpongeBob-themed or not.

Eamon Brennan says Maryland is "one to watch"
Pretty basic, but I think he's right. Tough to say they've been "snubbed" by being out of the top 25, but if things go right there's no reason they can't make a run. H/T to the half-dozen people who posted it.

Maryland’s special teams look to bounce back from sub-par season - Terrapins Insider
Let's be honest: it can't get worse. Right?


Clemson "clear leader" for Dorian O'Daniel
But he says he doesn't want to decide until the Army AA Game, so there's plenty of time to get back in that game.

Andrew Harrison Junior Season Mixtape
Because why not? Oooh, the talent. Again, have to think he's the best point guard prospect since perhaps Kyrie Irving. The mixtape is tame, but that's because he has a largely mature game, aside from the occasional jaw-dropping pass. (As always, you may want to mute.)

Homegrown: Putting an MLB career on hold, Hockaday blossoms with baseball
Nice profile of K.J. Hockaday, Maryland's star freshman who chose the Terps over the Orioles.

C.J. Leslie undecided, State "optimistic"
I really don't want to deal with him for another year. If he stays, State has to be the hands-down favorites to win the ACC.

Scout: Commenting on the AAU debate
George Dohrmann, a well-respect writer for SI who published Play Their Hearts Out, a supposedly groundbreaking book about basketball recruiting I just haven't had time to read yet, tweeted a few nights ago that AAU coaches have full control of the top 50 prospects in the country. That's a popular view, but a cynical one that misleads the public to some extent. Brian Snow of Scout takes him task (gently) and points out that, really, it isn't true.

Interestingly, though, one of the guys who did make a decision with heavy AAU input: Mitch McGary. Man, and Uncle Kevin gave SYF a deal and everything.