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Terps Fall to Tar Heels in ACC Tournament Quarterfinals, 85-69

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Maryland basketball saw their season likely end Friday afternoon, as they were blown out in the ACC Tournament quarterfinal by the #4 North Carolina Tar Heels, 85-69.

Terrell Stoglin scored 30 on twenty one shots, but it wasn't enough in Atlanta. Maryland now stands at 17-15 on the year, with a 6-10 record in conference, and is unlikely at best to receive a bid to either the NIT or the CBI.

Stoglin made five of eleven shots from behind the line, but the rest of the team combined for a 3-13 mark from three. Maryland's non-Stoglin starters (Nick Faust, Sean Mosley, James Padgett and Alex Len) shot less than 20% from the field, and nobody could stop Kendall Marshall.

Marshall set the conference record for assists in a season (311), and scored 13 points with 12 assists on the day. Reggie Bullock and Harrison Barnes each scored 15, while Tyler Zeller and James McAdoo added in 14 apiece.

Alex Len did nothing on offense (shooting 0-for-4), but had three blocks and showed some semblance of help defense for the first time this season.

James Padgett had a terrible game, missing all three of his shot attempts and both free throws, turning the ball over twice and only chipping in with one assist and one rebound. Sean Mosley shot 2-of-11, but made six free throws and had six rebounds.

Mychal Parker had some moments of success as well, scoring eight points with four rebounds and three assists, but he turned the ball over four times as well.

Arguably the most impressive non-Stoglin players were Ashton Pankey and Nick Faust. Pankey had seven points and eight rebounds, making all three of his shot attempts, and really the only negative of his game on the day was on the defensive side, where he picked up four fouls. Faust made some incredibly athletic plays and continued to show his growth on both ends of the floor, but struggled from the floor.

In general, the non-Stoglin Terps struggled scoring, and once again they were absolutely manhandled on the inside by the Tar Heels. Bringing in Shaquille Cleare and Charles Mitchell continue to look bigger than ever, because a front line of Len, Pankey and Padgett simply cannot compete with UNC.

There wasn't even a real issue of being outrebounded or turning the ball over more than the opponent - it just came down to simple basketball: Maryland could not score the ball very effectively, and the Tar Heels could.

All four of us have a busy Friday, so this was a quick recap; use the comments for your thoughts on the game. Hopefully this wasn't the last game of Mosley and Berend Weijs' Terp careers (not to mention the walk-ons), but it certainly appears that way.