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Maryland Minute - 03.06.12 - Stoglin and Turgeon Ready for ACC Tournament

Rick Snider: Maryland's Turgeon is recharged for tournament time | Washington Examiner
Turgeon is fired up and ready to go. Am I the only one holding out hope for a 2004-esc ACC Tourney? Time to go Gilchrist, Stoglin.

Terps’ Stoglin says second-team all-conference selection ‘very disappointing’ - Terrapins Insider - The Washington Post
Stoglin is disappointed by his 1st team all-ACC snub, which he should be. Austin Rivers being in over him is a perfect example of the ACC bias I loath in our conference. Had Rivers shot better, I'd understand it. And I don't buy this "if we were a better team" crap. If that was the case, why wasn't Lonny Baxter a 1st team all-ACC the year we won the Natty and went 15-1 in conference? Anyway, use this as motivation to go Gilchrist in the ACC tournament, Stogs and win it all!

Terps football coach Randy Edsall says change ‘does not happen overnight’ - Terrapins Insider - The Washington Post
This is my problem with Edsall - Change didn't need to happen on that level! You're rebuilding something that didn't need to be entirely rebuilt! Now you set our program back 2-3 years when in reality you had the pieces to work with to get them to the next level already. This is why Edsall wasn't the right hire for Maryland and that falls on Kevin Anderson, IMO. Edsall is doing what he's always done and ultimately I think he'll have success here. But there is no way he's the person Maryland needed at this point. They needed someone to come in and energize a fan base and instead Anderson hired a guy who wants to rebuild and start over. In the meantime, no one is going to come to games as we suffer through multiple "rebuilding" years. Ugh.

Terps undeterred by lack of depth entering spring drills - Washington Times
Patrick Stevens breaks down Maryland football entering as they enter Spring practice this Saturday.

Monday Afternoon Rumor Mill: Where I guarantee that you didn't see this coming - From The Rumble Seat
The Rumble Seat (GT blog) is churning up the expansion rumor mill. Maryland to the B1G? h/t to RedTurtle for finding this.

Maryland Shuts Out Delaware, 2-0
Ninth straight win for the Terps in baseball as they downed Delaware, 2-0 yesterday. I'm telling you all, get on board with Maryland baseball. They're good.

#4 Terps Upset By UMBC, 8-7
Damn. UMBC upset Maryland yesterday in Lacrosse. Blogger jinxed.