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Maryland Terrapins-Virginia Cavaliers GameThread (And One Extra)


Quite a bit of action going on today, which means we have a dual-purpose GameThread. (First time ever? First time ever.) The primary game is of course Senior Day against Virginia, which tips at 2:00 on the ACC Network*,, and But, also tipping at 2:00, is the women's basketball ACC Tournament final, featuring Maryland and Georgia Tech. That's on ESPN2. So there's going to be a fair amount of channel-flipping today. Both games are fair game for this GameThread.

Random, Baseless Prediction: James Padgett gets an assist today. Cue humorous gif of choice.

Prediction: The line on the game was -3.5 last night and it hasn't moved. I think that's a little low, and I'm picking Virginia by at least five and quite possibly more. I'd love to be wrong, but Maryland's struggling at the moment and Virginia is a much better team. Yes, depressing, I know.

Guessing Game: Terrell Stoglin has struggled of late. How many points does he score tonight, with terrible chucks as the tiebreaker? I'm saying 18 points with 4 chucks. (NB: by definition, chucks must miss. If a shot goes in, it was a good shot.)