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Sigh: Sam Cassell Jr. Kinda-Sorta Decommits from Maryland, Maybe

I throw the dozens of qualifiers in there because, frankly, I suspect it's a decommitment in name only. After Cassell the Younger committed to the Terrapins earlier in the week, Cassell the Elder came out and denied his son's very (obviously) real commitment. As I guessed earlier in the week (twice), the obvious way to resolve the situation, other telling Sr. to be quiet and accept it, was for Jr. to take a comparison visit or two, placate Pops, and then solidify his Terps commitment.

Guess what's happening now?

50% meh, 50% ugggggh.

Ultimately, I'm not that worried. It's pretty obvious that Jr.'s school of choice, at least for the moment, is Maryland, hence the "Maryland still leads" part. Taking visits is usually brought about by uncertainty, which is a bad sign for the future; that's most obviously not the case here.

But it opens up Pandora's box, in a way. FSU is his dad's alma mater; USF is, uh, well, I'm sure there's something at USF. Point is: maybe Papa Cassell is right in saying that the grass is just as green (at least in Sam's eyes) at these other places, and what was a throw-away visit might turn this back into a battle or, worse, flip him altogether.

So while we wait for this to get worked out, I imagine Turgeon & Co. will hedge their bets and keep in contact with Thaddeus Hall, Jerron Wilbut, and whatever other '12 guards/wings are left. Better safe than sorry, especially with so little time left in the process.