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Maryland Minute 3.29.12 - UNC's NBA Exodus Begins, Darrelle Revis Pulls a Steve Slaton


The comments seem particularly combative lately. Boredom breeds conflict, I suppose. Be happy, folks.

Barnes, Henson, Marshall all heading toward the draft
And Carolina has exactly zero top-25, difference-making recruits coming in next year. There's talent on the bench, of course, but this is most certainly not going to be vintage Carolina.

Meanwhile, McAdoo is uncertain
People are saying it's "likely" he'll return but the quote doesn't say that at all - his parents are saying they expect him to be in Chapel Hill, but that no decision has been made and that they want to talk about it. In other words, they're "expecting" the status quo, which is of course what you would expect before you made a decision to forego it. McAdoo showed in the closing months of the season that he has star potential and arguably as much pure talent as anyone else on UNC's roster. If they keep him, they'll be okay. If he leaves, though ... things will get tricky.

The only other question in the ACC: what happens with C.J. Leslie?

Darrelle Revis says he wanted to go to Maryland, was never recruited
Joining Steve Slaton and Myck Kabongo in the "I would've gone to Maryland in this crazy hypothetical world except there was literally no reason for Maryland to ever recruit me" Hall of Fame. Revis wasn't bad, but that year Ralph pulled in three DBs - J.J. Justice, Kevin Barnes, and Christian Varner - that were local and looked the better prospects at the time. I'm not weeping. Poor scouting decisions happen all the time, for every school. I'm sure he also would've loved to go to Ohio State, too - they didn't offer, either.

Michael Parker says he'll play at Maryland
And it's in a news source, not on Twitter. So do you believe him now?

"I feel like it’s the place to be," Parker said of Maryland in a phone interview. "It’s close to home, and my parents can come watch me play. That’s a big part of it." ...

Edsall "explained why the kids transferred and why they didn’t have a real good season," Parker said. "Not everyone bought into their system…The coaching staff treated me as family there. They’re a great group of guys."

Questions about academics or whatever are still in play, and Parker specifically mentions that his "position might change", so be wary. It's often said in football recruiting that you have to recruit your commitments continuously, and that will likely be especially true in this case. That said, at least for the moment, this seems to me a real commitment.

Keith Bowers out for spring with heart palpitations
Hopefully Bowers will be okay. In the mean time: who needs depth?

Baltimore Sun: Meet Seth Allen
Bracken does a nice quick profile of Mark Turgeon's first recruit.

At least one guy thinks MD BB can win the ACC next year...
I don't think its out of the realm of possibility but I think it's more likely the Terps end up in the 3-6 range next year. 6 freshmen = lots of unknowns. - BG

Danny O’Brien, Wisconsin seen as good fit from all sides - The Washington Post
Interesting read on the two-way recruiting process that took place between DOB and Wisconsin. - BG