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Maryland Minute 3.21.12 - New Harrisons, Cassell Jr. Mixtapes

Outside of the Terrell Stoglin news, it's been a relatively slow news day. Thankfully, there's new video on two (three?) realistic Terps targets, the Harrison Twins and Sam Cassell Jr. Enjoy!

Harrison Twins look awesome as ever in new mixtape - Ball Is Life

I think we should recruit these guys.

VIDEO: Sam Cassell Jr., a Scorer's Scorer

New video of arguably the top prospect remaining on Turgeon's big board for 2012, Sam Cassell Jr. He doesn't seem to have lightning quick speed or even a great handle but he's got good size for a guard and can certainly shoot from mid range and beyond. That's something the Terps need -- big time.

Turgeon on Stoglin returning...

"Terrell and I have talked, and I think he’s made an educated decision," Turgeon said. "I think this is the best decision for Terrell at this time and it’s good for Maryland basketball. I feel like he needs to grow as a complete player, and I think Terrell wants to be part of an NCAA tournament.

Hopefully whatever philosophical differences the two had have been worked out. Oh and that whole part about Terrell playing in the Tourney? Yeah, that'd be sweet too.

InsideMDSports: N.C. point guard Madison Jones 'very interested' in Terps

Another guard target for Turgeon and Co. With all these names popping up, it seems all but certain the Terps will take at least one more guard in the 2012 class. Here's some video of Madison if you're so inclined.

Rutgers' Gilvydas Biruta to transfer from Scarlet Knights program |

Biruta's a 6' 8 power forward the Terps targeted a few years back. Some have linked Biruta to the Terps in the last 24 hours but I think it's more likely he ends up at Rhode Island where his high school coach was just named head man.

Mason Plumlee "looking at the NBA"

Yes, please. A Duke team without Plumlee and Rivers would probably be a middle of the pack ACC team.