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NIT Selection Show Open Thread (Yes, That Again)

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Yay, the bracket is out! Get ready for the best month of your year. We'll set up a bracket challenge tonight or tomorrow, but a few talking points: N.C. State getting in with the last revealed spot, Miami missing, Iona sneaking in.

To take up some time: if you have any "adopted team" in this bracket, it's Kansas, right? Matches up with Ol' Roy in the Elite Eight. Thomas Robinson, a D.C. guy to the core who still reps the DMV. (Shame he came out in 2009 when we still couldn't recruit locally; not an intended dig or anything, but it's tough to see it any other way.) And it's Turgeon's alma mater, so, y'know, he's still on my good list.

The NIT Selection Show is at 9:00 on ESPNU, for those interested. It sounds like Maryland is likely on the outside of the bubble, but they're still in on NITology and some other random site. Not in on the Bracket Project or some other random site. Have to think that Colorado getting into the tourney probably helps make our resumé look a little better.

If anyone wants to discuss, hang out here. Will also be an acceptable location to continue speculation on a CBI bid.