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False Alarm? Danny O'Brien Tweets He's "Still a Terp" [UPATE: Reportedly "Seriously Considering" Transferring]


That'll teach you to believe the Twitters. First Mike Leach, then Sean Miller, now this. Only this one has a happy ending.

No idea what this means about Garcia, though. Anyway, I don't think this saga is over. There will still be plenty of time for things to change once spring ball rolls around. There's been smoke regarding this for months - today was so believable because a lot of people already believed it was happening anyway. That doesn't just go away. If he loses his job to CJB, or if he doesn't like the offense, or doesn't click with Edsall, there's still plenty of time for stuff to happen.

(And if you're really a conspiracy theorist: maybe he just realized it was awful timing to do it now and he should hold off for a few weeks. Walking around campus as "the hated guy who cost Maryland Stefon Diggs" for the next few months while working toward his degree would probably suck.)

Anyway: HUZZAH! Also, here come the pitchforks at Dan Hellie.

Update, 5:00: The WaPo has published a new story claiming that, indeed, Danny's mind isn't yet made up. As expected:

Danny O'Brien, who earned ACC rookie of the year honors after a breakout 2010 season, is seriously considering whether to leave Maryland's football program and transfer to another school, individuals with knowledge of the situation said Wednesday. ... According to one individual with knowledge of the situation, O'Brien will spend the weekend deciding with his family whether to leave Maryland.

Thank God nothing's happening until after Diggs is decided, but your worries shouldn't yet be gone.