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Terps Football Loses Two More, But It's Not Transfers This Time

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No blaming Randy Edsall for these two, and no change the Transfer Counter. But, still, Maryland football just opened up two more scholarships through attrition: first, linebacker/safety Desmond Kearse was dismissed from the team for academics, while Pete DeSouza - who, you may remember, broke both legs in 2010 in a motor scooter accident - is giving up football and will be a student assistant.

I was always unsure if DeSouza would ever get back to playing form, and thought this was always going to be a little likely. Kearse is more disappointing; while he wasn't a true linebacker, he was a monster rushing the passer and super-athletic. Disappointing to see him leave, but tough to blame anyone for it. (Except, well, maybe him.)

Anyway, if you're keeping track, Maryland's scholarship count now stands at 82 by my count, leaving plenty of room to add a certain Mr. Diggs or any transfers that want to join up. Looking at the depth chart, I'm not sure either absence will have a huge impact; Maryland's bringing in a half-dozen linebackers in this class, and have plenty of depth at offensive line as well. There should be another full class for recruiting next year, which is good news.

Side note: the football team is holding tryouts Feb. 8 at Gossett. Someone, please, go undercover.