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Maryland Minute - 02.22.12 - Learning More About Terps Basketball Commit Damonte Dodd

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Eastern Shore forward Damonte Dodd commits to Maryland - Recruiting Insider
No matter what happens with Dodd in College Park, I have to say that he seems very likable and very gregarious. Maybe not at Boom Osby-level, because Boom was on another level, but definitely has fan favorite potential.

"I honestly was just as clueless as a doorknob," Dodd said Wednesday, recounting a whirlwind 24 hours. "I didn’t know what was coming."


As for Dodd … could he be the second coming of Greg Whittington? "Never heard of him," said Dodd, who averages 24.2 points, 15.7 rebounds and 5.7 blocks.

Also, he compares himself to Kevin Durant. I was hoping he saw himself more as a banger at that size. -Ben B.

Eastern Shore PF Damonte Dodd: 'It feels great' to commit to the Terps -
Great piece by Matt Bracken on Damonte Dodd. We can finally see some of what Turgeon and the staff see in this kid. - Dave

DC Sports Box - Maryland Rebounds to Beat Miami, 75-70
Here's my recap of the game, which includes quotes from Turgeon, Faust, Padge, and Mosley.

The Odd Couple: SLAM on the Stoglin-Turgeon dynamic
May do a post on it in the future but SLAM captured it as well as I ever could've.

Basically, it looked like a generic version of Allen Iverson playing for a non white-haired Bobby Knight.


"Our relationship is much closer now because I understand that in order for me to get to where I need to get, I need to listen to him."

Hey, that sounds good. -Ben B.

Maryland saga shows need for transfer rule to help NCAA athletes - Andy Staples -
Aaaaan cue National media saying "We were right, you were wrong, Edsall." Can't wait for this...-Dave

BOYS BASKETBALL PLAYOFFS: Pearland rolled by Harrison twins - Your Houston News: Sports
Oh man I hope we land the Harrison twins...-Dave

Dinich interviews Locksley
Looks like the interview was done a few weeks ago but the video was just posted. Check it out. -Ben B.

...and Stewart as well
He's very specific. I like it. -Ben B.

Don't expect a Georgetown-Maryland series to happen anytime soon - Andy Katz
I worry that he may be right. I was initially happy to see KA take such an aggressive approach, but by doing so he's basically made it impossible for either side to do anything without "caving." And that will probably end up being a negative in the long run. -Ben B.

Turgeon deserves recognition for Terps season -
Kevin Cowherd says Turgeon has done the most with the least amount of talent. Can't say I disagree. -Dave

NBA Development League: Charge Sign Eric Hayes
Congrats to Eric. Great kid. Best of luck to him. -Dave