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PSA: Stefon Diggs Visiting Maryland on Saturday

You have your duty.
You have your duty.

So, yeah, Wednesday was kind of awful. You know what isn't awful? Getting a visit from this fella.

Electric Good Counsel wide receiver, consensus five-star, and the best 2012 prospect still on the board, Stefon Diggs, will be visiting Maryland this Saturday, which nicely coincides with the North Carolina home game in basketball. We already knew that this was in the works, but we've gotten some extra confirmation that it is, indeed, happening. And, as a bonus, we've been told his host on the official visit will be Danny O'Brien, who would likely be Diggs' quarterback in College Park. I'm not sure I could've picked a better host.

People were already going to show up in full force for the North Carolina game, because it's North Carolina and people always show up for them. But in case you needed any extra incentive, one of the best Maryland football recruits in history will be in attendance.

Maryland probably has a better shot with Diggs than most people are making out, just based on the logic of it. (I know recruiting is far from logical, but hear me out.) We know his family really likes Edsall, and he has three teammates in College Park already. But perhaps the biggest factor is getting the final visit. The media has been rotating his favorites for ever visit he took: first he visited Auburn, and they became the leader; then Florida, and they became the leader; then Ohio State, and now they're "making up ground."

Truth be told, Diggs is an agreeable guy who started the process late; it's only natural that he's impressed by every visit he takes. The more context he gets, the less impressive Auburn and Florida will seem. Getting that last shot at him is more than a little important, and provides Maryland a great chance at bringing him aboard.

Oh, and: also in attendance is superstar 2013 tight end Adam Breneman. It's quite the recruiting weekend in College Park.

For the fans, especially students, going to the game: Do chants. Bring signs. Print out a t-shirt if you want to, I really don't care. You know the drill. And for those who say "Oh, no, that's a violation": well, technically you're correct, but tell that to Missouri.

I wish we could just paint a magical rock or something. Instead, the enterprising among you can use this thread for chant/sign/photoshop ideas. Get to it.