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Maryland Basketball Recruiting Updates: Two(!) Harrison Twin Updates, Plus More

Hey, that's two more than we usually get every day.

First up, there's a piece from IMS featured in Matt Bracken's recruiting blog in the Sun. RTWT - you know you want to anyway - but a quick excerpt:

"The decision is their decision," Harrison Sr. said. "I'm here to support them, but it's their decision. I'm not going to college. If something [bad] happened at whatever school they choose, that will be their situation to deal with. That's part of becoming a man. [But] unless something drastic was to happen, it will be one of [Maryland, Kentucky, Villanova, or Baylor]." [...]

He also said that while his sons are high on Kentucky, there's no truth to speculation that they're UK locks simply because Wildcats coach John Calipari continues to hand-pick the best high school guards. "It's just kind of funny because they go against the grain. They wear Under Armour [rather than Nike]. I've heard they're Maryland locks because they wear Under Armour, too," he said.

Basically already down to four? And one of those four being Villanova? That sounds good. Baylor's done a great job of recruiting and should be respected, but their success is always a little, uh, "eyebrow-raising," let's say. It's tough to know who it works on, and who'll say "A religious school with no basketball history in Middle of Nowhere, TX? No thanks." I'll say what I've always said: if it's anyone other than Maryland or Kentucky, I'll be floored.

He has the requisite kind words for Mark Turgeon - says he's a "no fluff" kind of guy, which is very true - but I don't think you can read too much into it. He also says they want to get up to Maryland again, which is great news, but it doesn't sound like it's close to being done.

Update #2 comes from Five-Star Basketball, which has a whole host of Maryland-related stuff. Again, read it all, but this should be a salivating thought:

"I'm from Maryland, I've known [assistant coach] Bino Ranson for a long time and [head coach] Mark [Turgeon], he's been recruiting them since he has been at Texas A&M," Harrison Sr. added. [...]

"They got some players that fit in so well with Aaron and Andrew, like Jake Layman," Harrison Sr. said. "He fits perfect, long player, plays hard, isn't about stats. He's a long 3 who can catch and shoot."

He added: "You have Aaron, Andrew, Jake and then Shaq. Throw that in with the others pieces they have and you have a real good team."

I'm pretty sure Harrison Sr. just started to play the "fill out the starting five" game that fans do so much. Don't tease me, bro.

Anyway, there isn't much different news than what's in the IMS piece - he again says that it's likely that they'll be going to one of the aforementioned four - but does mention that Shaq Cleare is recruiting them. (Win!) It also cites an unnamed D1 coach who calls the Twins "program-changers," which is obviously pretty true.

The Five Star piece also has quotes from Beejay Anya and Kris Jenkins, two DC-area bigs that have been blowing up. Anya says Maryland is on his list right now, and Jenkins says it'd be nice to stay home even if he isn't married to the idea. Anya, the nation's top center in the 2013 class, is an uphill battle, while it remains to be seen if Jenkins will get an offer, but nice to get some sort of update on both.

Of course, the staff hasn't narrowed down 2013 to just the Harrisons. In addition to going hard after Rysheed Jordan, they also were at a prep tournament last week, scouting Tyler Ennis and Jaren Sina. This is the first we've heard of any potential involvement in Sina, a much more likely prospect than Ennis; he's a true point with a lethal outside shot, and likely a top-75 type at the end of the day. Will be interesting to see if anything comes of that scouting visit.

If you're still hungry for recruiting news ... you're unhealthy. Hopefully this will take some heat off the tiresome DOB-Edsall saga.