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Maryland Terrapins-South Carolina State Bulldogs GameThread

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Gotta love those 2:00 pm starts on a Saturday during finals season against the #341 RPI team. Appointment stuff, this.

Commence complaining about the non-conference schedule.

But we'll still be here, anxiously awaiting the Logan Aronhalt-Charles Mitchell-Pe`Shon Howard-Nick Faust-Alex Len starting five. I know Turgeon's just doing it to get different players a chance to start, but the more minutes (and looks) Aronhalt gets from deep, the more he finds his rhythm, the better it is for Maryland. I'm intrigued to see if he can keep stroking it at the ridiculous rate he's hitting now.

Game tips at 2:00 on ESPN3, where you'll be seranded by dulcet tones and sage insight from Glenn Consor.

To make it a lot more fun, we'll simply refer to "South Carolina State" as "State." Never pick State. Hate State. And so on.

Random, Baseless Prediction: Pe`Shon Howard hits a three-pointer, because at some point it's got to happen, right?

Prediction: Maryland won't drop a hundred again, but I have a feeling the final margin might be a little wider. The guaranteed-to-be-subpar atmosphere will hurt both sides, though. Terps 84, State 50.