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Maryland Minute - 12.6.12 - More on Maryland's Budget Woes

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In today's daily roundup of all things related to Maryland athletics, we continue to look at Maryland's budget problems, as several national outlets have started gathering more information on just how severe the Maryland Athletic Department's budgetary woes were. It really helps explain why the Big Ten move was not only necessary, but a no-brainer.


Fear the deficit - SportsBusiness Daily | SportsBusiness Journal | SportsBusiness Daily Global

These stories are all a precursor to a piece I'm working on regarding Debbie Yow. One of the things you should look at with this story are the budget numbers for the athletic department that they provide.

Maryland leaves ACC for Big Ten amid huge athletic department debt - The Bonus -

Another great summary article on why and how Maryland went broke. Not very flattering to former AD Debbie Yow.

BC hires Steve Addazio, fans nonplussed
ICYMI - That choice was ... interesting, given that Addazio went, oh, 4-7 with Temple this season. I think he's a better coach than that record and could surprise some people, but there were bigger and better names out there. -Ben B.

Mark Turgeon says Maryland’s turnovers are still a mystery to him
Well, to some degree he's right. Dez Wells had four turnovers against George Mason; at least three of those, I think, were simply mishandling the ball. You wouldn't think that would continue, but unless the turnovers cut down significantly, they have the potential to be a serious Achilles' heel down the stretch. -Ben B.

The 10th anniversary of Maryland’s NCAA Championship: Where are they now? - The Washington Post
Cool piece on the 2002 National Championship team and where they all are now. Who would have thought Steve Blake would have the best pro career among that group?

Women's college basketball - Connecticut Huskies weather Maryland Terps - ESPN
Despite missing three players from ACL injuries (sound familiar?), Maryland still showed some good fight against a great UConn team.

Maryland men’s soccer headed to College Cup, wrestlers shine at Penn State
Nice little recap on men's soccer and wrestling.