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Maryland Terrapins-Delaware St. Hornets: The GameThread

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Happy days, basketball is back! Sure, it's "back" for a game against KenPom's #287 team, who lost to the same Northwestern team that Maryland wiped the floor with by 19, playing at 12:30 on a snowy Saturday afternoon with no students on campus. But it's back.

Pete's preview here. Game tips at 12:30 on ESPN3.

Random, Baseless Prediction: Jake Layman gets an easy, but thunderous, dunk on an uncontested breakaway.

Prediction: KenPom says Terps by 20, but having not played in over a week and being in an empty arena, I think that's a little optimistic. Delaware State's played a few solid games this year, beating Delaware and taking Penn State to overtime. They keep it close, Maryland stretches it to a 15-point margin by the end of the game, even though the game feels a little closer than that.

Guessing Game: They're back, given that ACC games are right around the corner. I'm guessing it'll be a pretty miserable showing, so give me your prediction for the announced attendance, to the nearest hundredth.