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Videos: Maryland basketball spreads festive cheer, continues to be awesome

Hope everyone's enjoying their holidays, but to be honest, if a basketball win and a football commitment isn't enough to get you in the Christmas spirit, I don't know if anything is. Regardless, I'll make two happiness offering to the Grinches among us, both coming by way of the Maryland basketball team.

The first, above, is the team singing Frosty the Snowman. The song is exactly what you'd expect - watch it mostly for the awkward/hilarious facial expressions from Dez and Shaq - but the behind-the-scenes is where the real fun is. The highlights: Spinelli trying to run things with the assistants while Bino bickers with him, Alex Len's giant smile, Nick Faust's and Seth Allen's impromptu dance, and Pe'Shon calling Charles Mitchell "Charlie the Snowman." Might have found a new winter nickname for everyone's favorite 260-pound adorable Georgian. (Also: hey everybody, it's Eric Hayes!)

The second, below, is the team answering questions about their favorite traditions, foods, and so forth. Again, much is exactly what you'd expect and probably more worth it to see some of the lovable awkwardness, but there's a money line when Chuck is asked "Turkey or ham?". Also, fairly certain that Evan Smotrycz is in his early thirties.

Confirmed: these guys are likable.