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Video: Romelo Trimble goes for 33 with Mark Turgeon looking on

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Not a lot of video of Maryland's newest commit out there, so this gets a full post purely for the novelty factor. O'Connell has actually posted a few game highlights over the past week, too, so there's a solid couple of minutes of material if you're bored during the winter doldrums.

Highlight videos aren't exactly useful as much as they're just fun, but two things jump out at you when you watch him play: first, maybe it's just that he's wearing a jersey two sizes two small, but he looks pretty solidly-built. He's got some girth to him, and he seems like the type of guard who might enjoy the more physical Big Ten style of play.

Second: he may not be the most athletic guy in the world, but he's got a fluid way about him that's fun to watch. He just looks like a natural and smooth basketball player. Compare that to someone like, say, Jake Layman, who's athletic as hell but has a sort of awkward and gangly way about him. Turgeon seems to prefer those languid, even not super-athletic, type of players at guard, and Trimble seems to fit.

Not sure what's going on with the muscle flex post-score, though.

In other video linkage opportunities, The Basketball Diary just posted a full game of Damonte Dodd and Massanutten playing South Kent at a prep tourney from back in November. I haven't watched it all the way through yet, but first impressions: as expected, Damonte needed games and it's probably a good thing he's prepping. He's still a little awkward or hesitant at times, something that should improve as he plays more and gets more coaching. Still may end up a long-term prospect, but his athleticism and size are as impressive as they ever were. And every once in awhile he'll effortlessly snatch a rebound out of the air or block a shot that reminds you why Turgeon likes him as a long-term play.

Sigh. Only two more days 'til actual basketball, friends.