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Maryland Minute 12.18.12: Terps add JuCo lineman, may have another soon

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Rob Carr

Wrapping up news from the weekend, including two big JuCo linemen, Alex Len and Shaquille Cleare in practice, and who Maryland's best assistant is.

And, of course, I hope everyone's enjoying their holiday season, whatever it may be. Stefonnukah finished up over the weekend, of course, but you still have a little time to do some shopping for Faustivus or Shaqmas if you're running behind.

Terps land three-star JuCo guard Silvano Altamirano
Had offers from SMU, Connecticut, and Washington State. Not a huge kid at 6-4 and 290, but good size and the fact that he's a JuCo kid means he should be ready to contribute right away. Maryland needs to find a left guard with Bennett Fulper graduating; expect Altamirano to challenge for that spot right away. ESPN seems to kind of love the kid.

Juco OT Matt Finnin to commit Friday - ESPN
Finnin's absolutely massive at 6-7 and 315, and he's generally considered one of the top JuCo linemen in the country. He had a top five of Kansas, Maryland, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Marshall, but cancelled visits to the last three after visiting College Park last weekend. Good news? Sounds like it to me.

Len feature in the Sun: Chad Ford reiterates that he's a potential #1 pick
Couple days old, but worthy of a read. Ford absolutely loves the guy, but I do wonder if he's watching Len as much as some scouts are. Because based on recent performances, while Len's still a lottery type of guy, I have trouble buying that he's a #1 talent right now, even as weak as the draft is. Of course, that could change if he puts up a few more double-doubles against ACC talent, but we'll have to wait and see on that one.

My favorite part of the piece, though: they matched up Len with Shaq in practice - 265-pound Shaq - and let him foul, in order to make Len tougher. And read Shaq's comments about Len at the next level. I don't know how you could do anything other than love Shaq.

Long break provides Terps valuable opportunities to improve
You and I may be bored, but at least the team's getting better. Hopefully.

Romelo Trimble Commits: Interview With The Newest Terp - Terrapin Station
Again, a few days old, but it's our first MM since the Trimble commit so it gets a link. Wiley and Trimble are apparently best friends, so maybe expect Maryland to become even more of a favorite for him. At least once Rashad Vaughn sorts out his future, that is.

Dinich: is Locksley Maryland's best assistant?
Heather thinks so. And when you include recruiting, yeah, sure. But it doesn't look like that's a factor here as much as pure coaching is, and on that mark I'm still not sold on Locks. His scheme is a bit of a ZR knock-off without a lot of unique concepts I've seen yet - obviously, bit tough to do so when you're working with backups, but still - and Maryland's numbers were more due to Stefon Diggs than anything Locks did. I'm intrigued to see him work with a healthy offense in the coming years, but until then, I think it's a bit much to say he was better assistant than Brian Stewart, who might be the best DC the program's had since Blackney.