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Maryland Terrapins-Monmouth Hawks: GameThread

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Not sure which I like better: 2:00 Saturday tips against teams with RPIs in the 340s, or 8:00 Wednesday tips smack-dab in the middle of finals against teams with KenPom rankings in the low 200s. Expect the 'castle to be rockin' once again, folks.

Anyway, yes, Monmouth. Preview is lacking for cupcake fodder this time around, but what with it being cupcake fodder an' all, here's hoping you'll live. Game tips at 8:00 on ESPN3. And unlike South Carolina State, I'll actually be around this time.

Random, Baseless Prediction: Well, the Pe'Shon Howard RBP came off, so let's stay optimistic: Nick Faust drains two three-pointers of his own.

Prediction: I'm expecting a relatively empty arena, but Maryland's run through most of its recent cupcake fodder and I expect them to continue. Thing is, Monmouth ruuuuuuuuuunnnnnss, with the eighth-highest adjusted tempo in the country. That plays into Maryland's hands to some degree, but more importantly it's the opposite of S.C. State and will make sure that the margin gets to around the 20-or-so that there should be with the gap in quality. I'll go with 94-74 good guys.