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Maryland football: Pickett, Dorleant transferring


I doubt Maryland football's about to see another mass transfer exodus (if they do, some serious questions will be asked), but there are always defections in the offseason, for every program. And Maryland's first two this season: Justus Pickett and Makinton Dorleant.

Pickett's matter is apparently familial, which would mean he'd probably be looking to transfer back closer to Cackalacky. But to be honest I've long wondered if maybe he'd transfer regardless, simply because he was clearly third-fiddle by the end of the year with Albert Reid right on his tail. Dorleant's matter is possibly playing-time related, given that he saw few snaps last season despite Maryland's secondary being in a bad way.

Interestingly, at least with regards to Pickett, I wonder if other ACC schools are allowed to make a run at him. The rule has always been two years if transferring within conferences, but are the folks in Greensboro really going to rule that Maryland to, say, N.C. State is really in-conference? Especially when one of the Carolina schools stand to benefit? I have my doubts.

Like I said above, though, I don't expect this to open any floodgates. One matter is family-related, another is losing a reserve defensive back, which happens to every program in the country. Not exactly an indication that we're about to see Transfergeddon II.

Best of luck to both, especially Pickett, whom I was a notorious fan of during his time here despite occasionally middling production. Except maybe if he does in fact end up at State.