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Maryland Minute 11.8.12: "Good day to be a Terp"

Mitchell Layton

Kevin Anderson on the Dez Wells decision: ‘Today was a good day to be a Terp’
Indeed it was. Anderson seems to have taken the Wells case on pretty personally; he's clearly relieved for more than just on-the-court reasons.

Wells up with emotion at Maryland
Warms my heart to read how Dez reacted to the situation.

Jeff Goodman on the Dez Wells news: "makes them top 25 right now"
He says they'll be challenging for the top three in the ACC. Like I said earlier, national relevance.

Turgeon, Padgett, and Howard quotes from Wednesday presser
Almost all the quotes are Wells-based, so go ahead and read them all. Turgeon has some interesting thoughts about how things change with Dez, and also mentioned that one of his recruiting points with Wells was that Maryland had the best shot at getting him eligible. Not sure how he worked that one out, but I'm glad he was right.

So, Dez Wells was a high school rival of Duke's Ryan Kelly
Kelly actually seems like a nice guy, based on his quotes about Dez. But I have a feeling Wells will come out on top - at least individually - when the two meet again.

ESPN WBB preview: Terps projected to finish #2
It all comes down to how Brene Moseley gets replaced, of course. But any team with Alyssa Thomas is going to be in every game they play.

Football scheduling I: Temple-Maryland in 2013 postponed to "a yet-to-be-determined season"
Which explains...

Football scheduling II: Maryland-FIU agrees to two-year deal
I'm a big Mario Cristobal fan. Glad to see him at Byrd.