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Maryland Minute 11.5.12: On freshmen emergences and Shawn Petty's emergency duy

Bill Bride

Mark Turgeon would like you to know that he always knew Seth Allen was awesome
The levels of "I told you so" have reached Gore Vidal levels.

"Seth’s a good player. Been trying to tell a lot of people that for a year," Turgeon said. "Just because he wasn’t ranked no one would believe me. I think you guys saw he’s a pretty good player."

I imagine he had a smug grin on his face while he said that. I love him no less for it.

One to watch: Terp freshman Charles Mitchell | CollegeBasketballTalk
Interesting to see Chuck getting some national recognition for his exhibition showing, even if only blog national recognition. If he can rebound at half that ridiculous rate over the course of a year, he'll get serious minutes. Keep it up and I'll buy that he's Barkley reincarnate.

In case you haven't seen it: Petty's second TD pass to Diggs
Good play all-around. Not a great throw, but Petty showcased some impressive mobility and pocket awareness to keep it alive. Just gotta give Stefon a chance to make a play, and he did.

Dinich interviews Petty
Interesting to me that he knows he missed Diggs on that very first play. It was a ballsy call by Locks, not necessarily one I agree with but that was pretty close to coming off well. One of those things where you have to wonder how different the game would've turned out if it worked.

Maryland-Clemson a 3:30 start on ESPNU
It'll be on national TV, which is good(?) news. So long as a bunch of recruits aren't really watching, I guess.

ESPN WBB preview: Maryland at #4
Even with Moseley's torn ACL. Not sure I'm that confident, but this is still a pretty stacked roster.

Eric Hayes returns to Maryland as a GA - YouTube
EH doesn't strike me as a very vocal guy, but he's always had a coach's mind. Love that he wears his old game shorts to practice.

Dion Wiley: rising star in DMV's class of 2014
Wiley's a top-75 type in '14 that Maryland's really high on. Not too much about his recruitment, but if you want a better feel for him, here you go.

Two Kentucky pledges from Georgia waver after firing of Joker Phillips - ESPN
Decommitment season has begun, so it's time for Maryland's staff to start flippin' guys on the football side. This is an Insider article and I don't have it, but both Maryland and Darren Dowdell are tagged, so I assume the staff's making a run at the Georgia end who they recruited earlier in the year. Don't expect much to come of it, though; Maryland doesn't need yet another end who'll move to linebacker at this level. A bigger target would be Khalid Thomas, a running back from Florida whom Maryland offered first time around. With Richie Anderson flipped to Penn State, there's a spot open.

GV's game-winner from Friday
And he went for 18 on Saturday to beat the Bulls. Our little Greivis has grown up.