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Hyundai Fanthropology: Explain your fandom, win a trip to a bowl game

Probably not a Maryland bowl game, but a bowl game nonetheless.


The good folks at Hyundai have been avid sponsors of SBNation for quite some time, and now they're taking it a step further by offering one reader/commenter across the network a chance to win a free trip to any bowl game of their choice. Maybe not a Maryland bowl game - they're not that good - but at least a bowl game. And that's a pretty good deal.

Here's how it works: you comment on this post, explaining why you're a loyal, rabid Maryland fan - either how you came to be a Terp in the first place, or how you became a diehard. We read up on them, select our personal favorite, and then one of the editorial staff here will get in touch with you through email or the like for a front page post discussing Maryland fandom in general and yours in particular, which we post and is then judged by the Hyundai/SBN Mothership folks. Then they pick their favorite, and that favorite gets a trip to a bowl game of their choice, paid by Hyundai. So if it were me, I'd tell a rather boring tale about my grandmother, a Terp grad herself, regaling me with stories about early Terrapin athletics, and how I grew up bouncing around the Mid-Atlantic and but always made a point of it to hold onto my Maryland heritage. Many of you, I'm sure, will be able to top that.

For the fine print, only one entry per user, even if you post something else at a different site (but why would you bunch of Terrapin diehards do that?). By commenting below, you are subject to and accept Hyundai's Fanthropology Sweepstakes Terms and Conditions.

Now, get to winnin'.