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Surprising no one, Stefon Diggs doesn't win ACC Rookie of the Year

Miami's Duke Johnson won the ACC Rookie of the Year award by a comfortable margin. Let me show you my surprised face.

Bill Bride

Whether or not Stefon Diggs deserved to be ACC Rookie of the Year is a matter for some debate, I suppose. Miami's Duke Johnson had a great season by any margin, finishing third in the ACC in rushing, leading the conference in kickoff return average, and accounting for 12 total touchdowns.

Of course, I'd counter that with the fact that Diggs played wide receiver for a team that, for several games, was without a quarterback, that he was on a team that may've won two games without him, and that, despite getting 72 fewer touches than Johnson, bested him in all purpose-yardage, where Diggs was second in the conference. Averaging 15.7 yards per touch despite getting 121 total plays is a pretty absurd figure.

Still, thinking Johnson deserves the title is probably a rational opinion, just as it's rational to think that Diggs does.

Rounding up 46 people who think Johnson deserves it by a margin of 34-11? Yeah, probably less rational.

(And the insane man who voted for Vad Lee, I have no words for you.)

But that's the way it is for Maryland, which has never been an ACSMA favorite and, after leaving the conference out to die dry, isn't going to get any favors. It's a shame for Diggs, who's as electric, productive, and talented a freshman as there was in the country, let alone the conference - not because he lost, which as I said before could be understandable, but because it wasn't close. And we all know why it wasn't close.

Oh well. C'est la vie in the dying ACC.