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Maryland Minute 11.26.12: Terps soccer Elite Eight-bound, ACC coaching carousel begins

Mike Ehrmann

MSoc: Terps rout Coastal Carolina, advance to Elite Eight
Sunny Jane scored a brace and led Maryland to a comfortable 5-1 win over Coastal Carolina in the Sweet Sixteen of the men's soccer NCAA Tournament. Now they'll play something of a disappointing Louisville side at Ludwig on Saturday. After that, if the Terps prevail, comes - potentially - Georgetown.

Akron, Notre Dame both lose, too
Which makes Maryland pretty easily the favorite of the remaining eight teams. Rooting for them to meet Indiana in the title matchup. (Creighton, which drew them 3-3 in preseason, is still alive as well.)

Jahmere Irvin-Sills decommits from Auburn
Three-star cornerback from Eastern Christian out in Elkton. Maryland needs an in at ECA like woah, and they need secondary help badly. Sounds like Irvin-Sills already has a few favorites, but making a late push makes just way too much sense. Time to start selling that B1G platform.

Tom O'Brien out at N.C. State
The obvious name: James Franklin, given that Debbie's a huge fan. But Frank is in a relatively good gig as it stands and the likes of Tennessee, Arkansas, and Auburn would all happily give him the keys to their program, each a better job than State. Chad Morris is being targeted as well, which would be an ... interesting hire. And of course then there's the Mike Leach rumor.

Apparently it's probably bogus, but I really want to be not bogus.

Debbie Yow "may be difficult to work under"
You don't say?

In fact, one connected source in the Triangle said Sunday that "there may be high school coaches that would turn that job down rather than work for Yow".

Dammit, Gary, stop trying to sabotage things.

Spaz out at BC, early potential candidates emerge
Just a matter of time before Spaz got the hook, really, but BC is probably no more than a top-60 job (or thereabouts), which'll make it tough to get a name candidate. This list of potential options attests to that, with the shining lights of ... Danny Rocco, Sean McDonnell, Mike Sherman, and Houston Nutt. I expect you know two of those names, and for the wrong reasons. Somebody like Pat Narduzzi (who is listed) or Bob Diaco (who isn't) would be the best, but Diaco's not happening and I imagine someone like Darrell Hazell - the head coach at 11-1 Kent State - would wait for better opportunities. So, Narduzzi then.

Boston College basketball lost to Bryant. They really did.
Bryant went 2-28 last season. They've lost 100 games in four years. They lost by 43 to Indiana to open the season. And they beat Boston College by two in Chestnut Hill.

Insert *expansion ruined ACC basketball* cliche of your choice.

Purdue sacks Danny Hope
Names being floated include the likes of Dave Doeren (whom I have a gigantic man-crush on), some random Purdue alumnus coaching Indiana St., Butch Jones, and ... wait for it ... Jim Tressel. Maryland's in the B1G now, so this counts as quality MM fodder.