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Maryland Terrapins-UNC Tarheels GameThread: This is the end

Rob Carr

Not only of a disastrous season, but also of many great careers. Certainly bittersweet; for as delighted as I am for this degrading experiment to finally finish, I'm every bit as depressed that this could be the last time we see Joe Vellano or Darin Drakeford in Maryland uniforms - assuming they even suit up at all (both are doubtful). It's a scary thought. I really don't want to see a football field without Vellano on it.

Kick is at 3:00 on regional sports networks, which is CSN locally and wherever else you may be lucky enough to get it. Say what you will about the Big Ten, but I won't be sad to finally see every game nationally televised thanks to the BTN.

Random, Baseless Prediction: Stefon Diggs, who is probable, plays but gets limited touches. Maryland's first and only touchdown comes from Brandon Ross.

Prediction: Maryland is outclassed and emotionally finished. Hope I'm wrong, but I'm not expecting this one to be pretty. Heels 33, Terps 16.