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Maryland to Big Ten Done Deal? No, Just the University's Facebook & Twitter Getting Hacked

Did someone in this picture hack the Maryland social media sites?
Did someone in this picture hack the Maryland social media sites?
Rob Carr

For a few brief moments Saturday night, it looked like what many had been speculating might be official - that the University of Maryland was officially leaving the Atlantic Coast Conference and joining the Big Ten. This simple tweet and message on Facebook appeared to hint that the University had made the decision to bolt from the conference it helped found:

Makes you think "OMG, THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!" The thought of "someone must have hacked into Maryland's social media" never popped in your head after reading that. Well, then this came along...

Wow. That's...crazy that Maryland would actually say that, officially. Is Gary Williams guest tweeting tonight?

Is Ben Broman the main behind the curtain? This can't be real...

Okay, now I KNOW someone hacked the Maryland Facebook and Twitter accounts. Maryland is never going to be able to complete in the Big Ten to the point where they'll be in the Rose Bowl, unless all the other teams are on probation from recruiting violations. Silly hacker, you had us until that last one, when you got greedy.

Anyway, seems like nothing is official yet, but it appears that we'll soon be bowing down to our Big Ten overlords in the comings days. Exciting times around these parts.