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Maryland Terrapins-LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds: The GameThread

There is nothing not to like about Jake Layman.
There is nothing not to like about Jake Layman.
Anthony Gruppuso-US Presswire

Tip is at 7:00 on ESPN3 (apparently a Les Trois exclusive). For the radio folk, it's listenable on Terrapin Sports Network affiliates. Friendly reminder: there are non-kosher streams out there, but for legal reasons posting links to them in the comments are unallowable. Use a bit of initiative and you'll figure it out.

Pete's preview is here, and a Q&A with the enemy is here. Starting five is unannounced but surely it'll be Pe' - Faust - Dez - Padge - Len. Arguably the thing most of note in this one: get a win, and it's a .500+ record. (Strangely, Maryland never dipped below .500 last season. Of course, opening with UNC-Wilmington helps.) Except, I guess, for what Jake Layman's new haircut looks like.

Random, Baseless Prediction: I thought Len alley-oop last week and it kind of happened, but apparently that wasn't radical enough. So I'll take a step further: Nick Faust four-point play.

Prediction: Points will most certainly be scored in this one, given LIU's pace, Maryland's desire to rotate bodies and play with intensity, and the fact that Alex Len will be unmatched in the post. I have a weirdly good feeling about this one, like we might see the offense finally start to come together. I'll say Terps 82, LIU 64.

Guessing Game: So I forgot about them for the first few games, but might as well bring 'em back for entertainment purposes now that we're reaching the dredges of the year. So: Charles Mitchell gets how many rebounds in how many minutes?