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Maryland Minute 11.15.12: Terps unveil Black Ops unis, look exactly like you thought they would

Plus: quotes on Damonte Dodd and Roddy Peters, a major award, and the worst fanbase in college basketball.

Terps unveil Black Ops unis, look exactly as expected
They're black versions of the White Ops unis. Strangely, I liked the White Ops a lot more, and I still think they missed a huge opportunity with Red Ops, which would've been crazy awesome. Black Ops are just a little plain.

Dodd, Peters NLIs officially in
Quotes from a half-dozen sources at the official site. Gotta say, it's really tough not to like Roddy Peters. Kid loves him some Maryland.

Three Lady Terps named to early season Naismith List
T-Hawk, Laurin Mincy, and Alyssa Thomas all on the 50-player watch list. Thomas has to be in the top two or three candidates, right?

Terps playbook at "less than 50%"
I'd think it's probably been that way ever since the start of the season, too. Maybe not to the same degree, but Locksley's been unable to really open things up and run the offense as intended ever since C.J. went down. Shame, but it could mean a larger increase in offensive productivity than we expected in a year.

Merriman holding annual coat drive on Saturday
If you're heading to the game, make sure to bring something over.

Maryland is the "worst fanbase in college basketball"
Based on four categories: 1) "over the top boorishness" (check, a million times check); 2) "douchbaggery" (uh, no, not close); 3) "fair weatherness" (kind of, but no more so than Florida or Texas or a whole host of others); and 4) "poor fan knowledge" (no).

I mean, we're in the top five, without a doubt. The riots, the Mama Boozer incident, the J.J. chant - there's just too much not to be high on the list. Embrace it. Embrace the thuggery. But number one? Over Duke, which is not only douche-y but also full of fans who barely understand basketball? Over Kentucky? Kentucky Sports Radio is "likable enough"? What bizarro universe do you live in? Hey, at least we do some occasionally awesome stuff.

Hey, we won a major award!
Voted best College Sports Blog in the Mobbies. Thanks to all who voted.