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National Signing Day: Dodd, Peters Signing to Maryland Today


I was going to say that this was never really in question so it's kind of a nothing post, but, well, we thought the same about Terrence Ross and look what happened there. Getting kids locked up is a good thing, and Maryland is locking up both of their 2013 commitments today, with Damonte Dodd and Roddy Peters both submitting their Letters of Intent on the first day of the signing period.

And with that, my friends, these are official. Woot.

(And hey, look who isn't signing.

Aaron Harrison told USA Today on Tuesday that he and his brother Andrew intend to wait until the late signing period in April to make their commitments to the Cats official.

Aaron called the move a "precaution" and said he and Andrew are "just making sure everything stays the same with coaching and things like that."

We're witnessing the first cracks in a relationship, and I'm loving it. They're making out like they're 100% in and just waiting to make sure Cal stays put and it's plausible, but that doesn't make total sense. After all, should Calipari leave, they get out of their LOI no questions asked. The only reason you want to not sign an LOI is so that you retain your flexibility should you change your mind. Maybe they're just being extra-extra-safe, but as we saw with T-Ross, if a player's not signing, usually there's a reason for it.

But no, don't expect Maryland to make a late run. I guess you never rule anything out 100%, but don't hold your breath. First because I doubt the Harrisons will end up anywhere other than Kentucky, and secondly because both sides are probably a little sour on the other at this point. With Peters on board, I'd suspect Turgeon's already moved on; neither side wants that drama.)

Genuine excitement and enjoyment in College Park. Throw in some schadenfreude, and it's a good day.