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Maryland Minute 11.13.12: Turgeon hoping for more attendance

How could you deny that smile?
How could you deny that smile?
Mitch Stringer-US Presswire

The big story today, aside from the whole Jake Layman cutting his hair thing, is attendance, which was middling to say the least. I know there's already a pretty deep discussion in another thread about it, but it's always interesting to see what happens when coaches and players realize the crowd is unimposing.

Turgeon: "need students to come"
The crowd, which was a little under 9,000, was more sparse than expected, and Turgeon asked for some more support, as he should've done.

"One thing, you guys," Turgeon said, turning back to the podium. "We need students to come. [Friday's game vs. LIU-Brooklyn] is at 7 o’clock. We have a good product on the floor. Starting the game early so people can bring family, kids to the game. My kids don’t even come to the 8:00. I understand that. But we’re starting games early. Parents out there, buy some tickets for young kids. We’re going to play hard."

As a side note, it's good to see him not blame fans for not showing. It's a pet peeve of mine.

Dez: "like to see more fans come out"
The full quote isn't this damning, because he notes that it'll get better as the team improves. Still, you never like hearing that.

Full quotes from Monday
Dez sounds like a good interview, but as always the headliner is Mark Turgeon's brutal honesty.

Worst news ever: Jake Layman getting a haircut
Apparently because it gets in his eyes when he's shooting and playing defense. Say goodbye to the best haircut in College Park since Boom Osby.

The Dez Wells alley-oop
Video at the link. Here's to many, many more of those in the future.

Off-topic, but: Kentucky-Duke preview
Anybody watching tonight? I'm pulling for Kentucky. Can use this as a GameThread for those who are.