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Maryland Terrapins-Morehead State GameThread: Basketball's back in College Park

The Terrapins open up the Comcast Center with a visit from Morehead State, a plucky mid-major who'll present an interesting litmus test for Maryland's progress.

Bill Bride

Brooklyn was a fun experience, but there's little like good basketball in College Park. Morehead State, which beat LIU-Brooklyn in the Barclays undercard, is the first (real) opponent of the season to step foot on Gary Williams Court.

I'm genuinely intrigued by this game, because it's another test for this team, a very different one from Kentucky but not inherently a less valuable one. Maryland has plenty of issues with execution and, in the past, playing to the level of their opposition; in years gone by this would be a grind-it-out win, probably in the single digits and hugely unimpressive. This year, with how good we're expecting Maryland to be, it should be more comfortable than that. If it is, that's a good sign for the future.

Tip is at 8:00 on CSN for the locals and ESPN3 for the out-of-towners like me. Pete's awesome preview, if you're wondering what Morehead's like, is here.

Random, Baseless Prediction: We see an Alex Len alley-oop. Gotta keep the hype on the Ukraine Train rollin'.

Prediction: Morehead State leads early after another slow start, but Maryland kicks it into overdrive at the 10:00 mark and never looks back. Maryland 84, Morehead 61.

And yes, that is waaaaaay too optimistic.