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Battered Terps no match for Clemson, fall 45-10

Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE

Well, what did you expect?

Maryland visited Clemson battered, bruised, and reeling. And they looked like it. The Terrapins were flat and outclassed, trailing out of the first quarter by 28 and ultimately losing 45-10 in a game that easily could've been even less competitive, if not for a host of Clemson mistakes. It was not one for the purists, but given Maryland's circumstances, there's little reason to be surprised or upset.

The Terrapins did very, very little successfully. They struggled mightily to contain Clemson's vaunted attack, even after the Tigers had pulled their stars and put the backups in. And when the Terps had the ball they looked like a team starting a linebacker under center and missing their two best best players - which, of course, they were. Despite Clemson's second-string playing for essentially half the game, Maryland was out-gained 436-180, and that's as fair and complete a representation of the game as I can give.

And yet it's difficult to be upset about it. Clemson's a very, very good team; Maryland is, well, maybe they were good at some point earlier but at this point of the season? There's nothing left in the tank. Most of the team were backups at the start of the year; those who weren't are on their last legs, both physically and mentally. A 30-plus point loss was largely expected coming into the game. It's depressing that we're at that point, but it is what it is, and given all the injuries it's largely not worth getting worked up over.

Oh well. At this point the season's every bit as much about getting out alive, with the franchise - read: Stefon Diggs - healthy and intact, as it is about winning a game down the stretch. The only saving grace: at least it happened right when basketball season got here.