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Maryland Minute 11.10.12: Prepping for Terps-GT, Plus a (Kind of) Basketball Game on Friday

Geoff Burke

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween. Me, I turned all the lights out and starved children of their candy, because I'm a curmudgeon. I also dislike Christmas, and fun.

Now, links. Broken up into football/basketball, because we got a lot of them.


Shawn Petty eager to prove value at quarterback for Maryland - WT
Petty apparently really, really wanted to be a QB, and is seeing this as his chance. Well, godspeed kid.

Maryland is down to a linebacker and a tight end as its top two quarterbacks - WaPo
Evan Mulrooney says "it feels like you're in a movie." Let's hope so, because if it is a movie then Petty will go undefeated and we'll win an ACC Championship, or something.

Tech prepares for Petty - AJC
Yeah, kind of sounds like the defensive coordinator read our post.

"He was in some 7-on-7 stuff in that area when he was coming out of high school and was in more of an option offense," Kelly said after Wednesday’s practice. "But he still had times where he threw the ball. He throws a nice ball."

Curse this keyboard of mine.

Georgia Tech faces QB decision of their own
Paul Johnson isn't tipping his hand as to whether Vad Lee or Tevin Washington will start. He's saying Lee will play, though, and the phrasing makes me think Washington's the starter ... for now.

Randy Edsall: Terps committed to Shawn Petty at quarterback
Well, duh. Who else you gonna play?

Dinich picks GT ... by three ... in overtime
That's surprisingly optimistic, even for a Maryland fan (of which I don't believe Dinich is, despite her time at the Sun).

Confirmed: Petty will continue to wear #31
Edsall says it's because he doesn't have any other numbers to give him, even though 2, 7, 11, and 16 are all obviously available, as are some of the special teams numbers. The real reason is obviously because he's looking to trick AMQBHG. Also, on who the #3 is:

"That's to be determined. You are jinxing me by asking me that question."

Heh. But he's kidding, obviously. He already knows.

InsideMDSports: Terps stating their case for 4-star OT Na'Ty Rodgers
Sounds like they're making a pretty serious run, just as they should. Rodgers' coach is saying that Derwin Gray is going to be a big factor; that's the type of thing that may not seem huge now, but as this recruitment wears on and on it could become more important. Still: need to win at least one, preferably two, down the stretch.


Terps hosting IUP in exhibition on Friday
Did you forget? I did. It'll be on TerpsTV, probably not free, though. I'll pony up for it and we'll have a GameThread with updates, assuming I find the time.

Turgeon Feels Confident In 2nd Season With Terps Wires
AP story on Turgeon's second season. Pretty basic: Len is more confident, Turgeon more comfortable, etc.

Whoever wrote it said "the Ukraine", though. C'mon, man. This is grade school stuff.

Mark Turgeon on Halloween: gave out Twix and Snickers
Good man, Mark. Good man.

Edsall gave out Twix, Snickers, and Reese's Cups, so Randy has officially been better than Turgeon at something.

Alyssa Thomas named AP All-American
Well deserved, and never a doubt in my mind.