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Caleb Rowe tears ACL, out for the year

Angry Maryland Quarterback-Hating God is not sated with merely three quarterbacks. He must have all of them.

What is this I don't even
What is this I don't even
Rob Carr

I have no words.

Dear fans of all other programs: I never want to hear about your program's bad luck again. You don't even know what bad luck is.

It's time to make a sacrifice to the Angry Maryland Quarterback-Hating God. I don't know who, or what. But something.

I guess this means that Shawn Petty, a true freshman linebacker who played quarterback at Eleanor Roosevelt in high school. Highlights of him are here. The good news, I guess, is that this brings the zone-read back into play. And at 230 pounds or so - probably more - he'll be able to dish outs hits as much as he takes them out.

The bad news: any time your starting quarterback is wearing #31, yeah, that's bad.

And a quick note: no, no Stefon Diggs wildcat. Have you seen what happens to people who take snaps at Maryland? Do you want that to happen to him? Gaaaah.

Free pass, Randy Edsall. Free pass.