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Maryland Minute 10.22.12: Edsall Not Tipping Hand, Claims Possible Game-Time Decision at QB

And the basketball team scrimmages!

Look at that grin. He's a trickster by nature, clearly.
Look at that grin. He's a trickster by nature, clearly.
Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Hills will have Monday MRI, Edsall doesn't commit to a starter
Pretty wise on Edsall's part not to tip his hand, but I'd be surprised if it's Caleb Rowe out there instead of Devin Burns. Here's hoping the best for Perry as far as health and recovery time goes, but it didn't look great when it happened.

Maryland stats wrap: N.C. State - D1scourse
32 touches between Wes Brown and Stefon Diggs? Am I in some crazy dream world?

Dinich: "Maryland was relentless, N.C. State was lucky"
Pretty much. Not anything in the link of interest, but I thought that was well-put.

Notes and observations from Maryland basketball’s open scrimmage - WaPo

if Saturday is any indication, having Wells around would be a massive boost for Maryland. Wells was far and away the scrimmage’s best player, finishing with 15 points, including four transition layups and three rebounds. Athletic on the break, Wells drew some ooh’s and ahh’s from the modest crowd with some slicing and dicing in the lane. “It was kind of his day out there,” Coach Mark Turgeon said. “Dez is a good player, but that was probably his best performance. The lights came on for him.”

Also, sounds a bit like this team is buying into Turgeon's defense-first principles all the way.

More on the open scrimmage
Dez apparently did all that with a wrap on his left hand. Goodness. And Turgeon sounds delighted with Len's progress.

Dwayne Morgan cuts list to six
This was lost a little bit in the furor that was Saturday, but key 2014 basketball target Dwayne Morgan is down to six: Indiana, Missouri, UNLV, Seton Hall, South Florida, and, yes, Maryland. IU is the only team I fear on that list. Really, the only one. Seton Hall's done something right as far as Baltimore goes to get Carr and then get on Morgan's list, but elite players don't pick schools based on connections like that. Rules out USF, too. Makes it four. And despite Mizzou and UNLV reviving their programs, I really have trouble buying that he'll end up at either one of them, neither elites and both pretty random. So it's down to Maryland and Indiana then, which is a fair fight.

Assuming, of course, he doesn't make half-a-hundred changes between now and signing day.

UA officially intros the new basketball line
You get more looks at those absolutely ridiculous shoes, plus more importantly the new gold jerseys (awesome) and the Brooklyn one-offs. I have to say, the more I see those alternates, the more I really like them. Creative, and in a good way.

Maryland soccer enjoys "great night on many levels" - D1scourse
#1 Maryland beats #2 UNC 1-0 in overtime. Doesn't get better.