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Maryland Minute - 01.30.12 - Is Terps Guard Terrell Stoglin Helping Other Teams With Poor Shots?

January 30th is a pretty awesome day to be born. Just sayin'...

Tracking the Terps: Does Terrell Stoglin play 'for both teams?' -
Interesting comment by Seth Greenberg about Terrell Stoglin after his team's 73-69 loss to the Terps on Saturday. He basically said Stoglin is good, but some of his bad shots let Tech get back into that game.

WaPo's in-depth profile of Shaquille Cleare
Whoa. Good stuff. Shaq seems like a really likable kid, a giant teddy bear of a center. Maryland is a very good place for him, I'm guessing. -Ben B.

New Terps defensive coordinator Stewart to earn $350,000 - Washington Times
The only thing that ticks me off about this is the radio and tv appearance stuff. If he's not allowed to make them, it's ridiculous and someone in the AD's office should be fired for letting this happen again.

Former Terps offensive coordinator Gary Crowton to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers -
Gary Crowton went to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. That should tell you something, Edsall, that no one wanted him and you probably shouldn't have hired him in the first place.

ACC basketball report: Terps’ Len experiences growing pains - Sports and stuff
Interesting piece on Len's growing pains.

Terps Football: Combining the Recruiting Rankings | Baltimore Sports and Life
Chris over at Baltimore Sports & Life takes a look at the combined Maryland recruiting rankings for football.