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Maryland Terrapins vs. Cornell Big Red: The GameThread

One more tune-up. I'm in the mood for a nice and easy 20 point win. Anybody else?

Game is at 8:00 on ESPN3. That usually means there aren't too many streams if your internet/cable provider doesn't carry El Tres, but you might want to check the regular places anyway (FirstRowSports, etc.).

Random, Baseless Prediction: I had trouble coming up with something acceptably R and B today, so this isn't my best work, but: we haven't seen much from Berend Weijs, have we? I feel a classic Red Berend Flies Again moment on the way tonight. A nice big dunk plus a block on the other end would be welcome.

Prediction: I can't help but think that, with only one non-conference game left before the real season starts, Turgeon will have his guys ready to go. This bunch looks like they're hitting their peak, and though I'm worried by what Drew Ferry can do from outside, I have a feeling Maryland will take care of bidness tonight. Terps by 13.

I forgot to include a guessing game - just entirely off my game tonight - so here's my late addition offer: one of the big storylines might be Sean Mosley's bum ankle limiting his effectiveness. This will be almost impossible to predict accurately, I feel, but let's try it anyway: give me how many points + rebounds Sugar Sean has tonight (ie, 3 points + 2 boards = 5) with minutes played as the tiebreaker.

(I'll be accepting suggestions for these as the season goes on, BTW.)