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Maryland Terrapins vs. Virginia Tech Hokies: The GameThread

Game tips at 2:30 and will be on ACC Network, so it may or may not be on in your area - check your local listings. If it isn't, it'll be on ESPN3, assuming you get ESPN3. Side note: Maryland is now the worst team in the country in creating steals. Vaunted defense there. (Oh, and StatSheet's latest NIT projection (yes, I know) has Maryland getting in as an eight seed, in case you were interested. So it looks like they're on the bubble there for now.)

Random, Baseless Prediction: Pe'Shon Howard owns the fast break today. Not sure how Maryland gets on the fast break, but once they do Pe' drops a reverse layup and a behind-the-back, no-look dime to Nick Faust. Faust, for his part, doesn't take four steps.

Prediction: Maryland makes their stand here. A big day from James Padgett and an understated defensive performance from Sean Mosley gets Maryland the result.