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Maryland Minute 1.24.12: It's Gary Williams Week

Not Duke Week.
Not Duke Week.

A sneak preview of Gary Williams Court
Shoutout to broadcastterp to getting up a FanPost on this earlier. It does look a little plain, and Gary's signature isn't quite as flowing as I thought, but there's not much you can do with something like this. If you don't want to see it, don't click.

Gary Williams on Maryland-Georgetown
Yes please.

"I think Georgetown and Maryland should play," Williams said. "I think it will happen, I really do. With me out of there, and the II out of there, I think it’s gonna happen. We played, if you remember, we played at U.S. Air Arena the last game, so that was the sticking point."

Also, it's cool that he calls him "the II." But yeah, this needs to happen.

Court-naming ceremony begins at 8:40
Seen a lot of people ask this, so here's the answer: fans "are encouraged to be in their seats by 8:40" if you want to see the ceremony.

Rivals on prediction commitments
All unanimous: Stefon Diggs to Florida and Ronald Darby and Eddie Goldman to FSU.

Jalen Tabor(!) visiting for the Duke game
Just FWIW. Don't read too much into it. Still, cool.

Gonzaga F Kris Jenkins taking things slow as bigger schools start calling
A lot of people seem to like Jenkins. No idea where he'd fit in at this level, but if you're interested in a recruiting update, here's one.

Top 2013 TE Adam Breneman visiting Maryland on the 4th
For the UNC game. *gulp*

Even Kansas basketball fans mocked Billy Cundiff - The Dagger
Sorry, folks, I couldn't resist. This is clever.