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A Brief Introduction

[Ed's note: Hey all, Ben B. here. We have an exciting announcement for everybody: as you may've surmised by now, we're adding a writer to the staff here at TT. We're delighted to announce that Pete Volk, formerly the head man over at Terrapin Station, has joined the Testudo Times family. Many of you already know Pete from his great work over at TS, and for those of you who don't, you'll be acquainted to him pretty quickly. We're delighted to have Pete on board and feel he'll play a huge role in our continuing effort to provide you the best and most timely Maryland Terrapins news possible.

So, with no further ado, let's turn things over to the man himself. Please give him a warm welcome. - Ben]

Hey all, my name is Pete Volk and I'm happy to announce my arrival as a part of the Testudo Times team. Some of you may know me from Terrapin Station, a blog I started up about two years ago, and others still may know me from Scout, where I worked from 2009-10.

I'm a junior broadcast journalism major at Maryland, and during breaks I live near campus in Silver Spring, Maryland. I grew up in Los Angeles (big Dodger, Laker, King and 49ers fan), but Terp Nation is where my allegiances truly lie.

I've been a huge fan of Testudo Times for years now, and it's truly an honor to join up with the team. I hope I can continue the tradition of providing timely, accurate, and well-written Maryland news and analysis that Ben, Dave and Ben have given you guys in the past.

Great to be on board. I know some of you through Twitter, and others from Maryland itself, but I look forward to interacting with all of the great Testudo Times community. If you guys have any questions for me, I'll be hanging around the comments section.

Also, shameless plug - feel free to follow me on Twitter - @Pete_Volk.