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Maryland Terrapins @ Temple Owls: The GameThread

Ridiculously early start at 11:00, but I sort of like it. Give you the rest of the day to dedicate to other things, like the USMNT - who, by the way, will be playing quite a few Terps in their roster tonight vs. Venezuela. Anyway, game is on ESPNU. The Terps game, not USMNT.

Random, Baseless Prediction: Maryland will have an alley-oop in this game, and the receiver will be ... James Padgett? That sounds random and baseless enough.

Prediction: Everything about this game to me is screaming "Maryland shows that they can win, loses their cool, and Temple wins by 7 or so." But maybe they've learned something from previous struggles. My real, head-based prediction is what I said earlier; but screw it, this is the GameThread, so I'll say Terps by 4. And immediately following, a sizable debate about whether this team is NCAA Tournament-good.

Oh, and the guessing game for tonight: we'll return to Alex Len, because I think it's pretty conceivable that he gets shut out (again) or returns to form with a strong performance. Variability is what makes these fun. So give me points + rebounds with minutes as the tie-breaker.