Interesting Transfer Candidate Jamal Branch

Quite a few interesting developments of interest over the last few days. I remember when Turgeon was initially hired quite a few posts were made in regards to A&M's then roster and if there were any potential transfer candidates that may come into play for UMD down the line; and quite a few posters were fantasizing about Jamal Branch, but as he was such a highly coveted recruit, the possibilities at that juncture seemed mute (the comments were more of a "wishful thinking" vein) . However, its been reported by ESPN (Insider) that Jamal Branch is indeed transferring from A&M (there was nothing listed as to why he is transferring?), but that he hasn't even thought about any other possible destinations.

I know the staff is really trying to add another PG and quite a few names have been bandied about here on TT for quite sometime (ESPN Insider report today also says that UMD is close to offering PG Roddy Peters) and while it maybe to early to speculate, I'm going to do just that. We have an obvious want/need for a PG and Branch is already very familiar with and comfortable enough to already commit once to Turge and Spinelli and there is no denying the need and fit for Branch here. Connecting the very early dots, this looks it could be a very promising development for the Terps.

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