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Maryland Minute - 01.18.11 - Looking at Alex Len's Struggles in ACC Play

Not too much going on as Maryland doesn't play again until Saturday against Temple. The Lady Terps take on Wake tonight at 7:00 at Comcast. Now, onto the MM...

Terps' Alex Len ineffective in conference play - Washington Times
Len has struggled since conference play began. He needs to elevate his game if Maryland wants to have success in the ACC this season.

Tracking the Terps: What's happened to Alex Len? -
More on Len's struggles. When I watched him in the FSU game, he seemed rattled and every time he got the ball, he either tried to move before it got securely in his hands or he let it slip through his hands. The only time I thought he looked comfortable is when he had that running hook shot in the paint that gave Maryland their only lead.

2nd Half Blitz Dooms Terps Chances | Baltimore Sports Report
Gregg Cobert from Baltimore Sports Report grades the Terps' performance against FSU.

#7 Terps, Wake Set for Thursday Game
The No. 7 Maryland Lady Terps take on Wake tonight at Comcast at 7:00. Go check them out.

Knoche: FSU pulls away from Terps
Good piece by Terps color radio analyst Chris Knoche on the FSU game.

Technician's ACC Men's Basketball Power Rankings - Sports - Technician - North Carolina State University
I've never heard of this site, but they did a good ACC power ranking so I thought it was worth sharing. I think having Maryland around #6 sounds about right to me.

Highlights from King's State of the Union - New Jersey Nets Blog - ESPN New York

"King said they told second-round pick Jordan Williams sending him to the NBDL is "not a demotion. It's a chance for you to play."

Yeah...this has spurred a lively debate in a fanpost, but I wanted to bring it to everyone's attention who hasn't seen it. I wish Jordan all the best, but he better get himself back into