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Maryland Terrapins vs. Wake Forest Demon Deacons: The Gamethread

Game tips at 7:00 on CSN+ or ESPN3 - but El Tres viewers will be blacked out if it's on TV in their area. So check your local listings, as always. If you missed the preview, the blogger Q&A, or the gameday guide, well, they're linked right there.

Random, Baseless Prediction: Okay, perhaps it isn't really baseless, but it is sort-of random. Ashton Pankey seems to oscillate between really good and really bad performances, and given that he's been basically invisible in recent games, I'm basically randomly picking this as his bounce-back game. 10 points and 5 boards or so.

Prediction: This isn't going to be an easy game, but Maryland is probably the better team, even if only by thismuch. Add in home court advantage, and the Terrapins should have a bit of a cushion here. I'm guessing they'll come prepared - ACC home opener, after all - and keep things from being too worrisome. Terps able to push the pace, and win 71-65.

For today's guessing game, let's turn to the tortue du jour, Mychal Parker. This is a pretty tough assessment, given that I wouldn't be surprised if didn't see the floor, but the general consensus is that playing time is building. So, give me his combined total for points and boards, with minutes played as the tiebreaker.