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Maryland Minute - 01.10.12 - Looking at Mike Locksley's Contract

Lots of stuff going on regarding the Terps lately between basketball starting ACC play and the impact Locksley is already having on recruiting in football, with signing day quickly approaching. Speaking of Locks...

Terps offensive coordinator Mike Locksley to earn $500,000 a year - Baltimore Sun
Locks is making $500,000, which isn't surprising, but he also has recruiting-related bonuses tied to where Maryland ranks in the final Scout & Rival rankings each year. I think that's a pretty unique clause in a contract, but it makes sense.

At University of Maryland, a $7.2 million president’s mansion demonstrates the wrong priorities - The Washington Post
Listen, I understand where Maryland is coming from here - you have to spend money to make money in a lot of instances, but regardless, the timing of this is just piss poor. Couldn't you wait, even until after the school year was over, before starting this? If your main argument for this is that you need a place to wine & dine donors, why not use that giant, shiny new alumni center, which was built for that very purpose and is a stone's throw away from the President's house? At lease do that for a while and then move forward with the renovation/expansion.

Terps' Padgett takes charge on offensive glass - Washington Times
Nice piece by Patrick Stevens on Padgett. I've been saying all season that one of the things some fans are overlooking is Padge's development this season.

power-rankings-011012 - ACC Blog - ESPN
Heather Dinich gives her final power rankings for the football season. She put Maryland last.I know we had the worst record, but that's a result of this team under performing and having no depth on defense because of injuries. Overall, there is no way Maryland is in worse shape than Duke and BC though.

Meet the Recruit: Terps quarterback commitment Caleb Rowe -
Another piece by Matt Bracken, this time looking at Terps quarterback commitment Caleb Rowe. It has a great highlight video of Rowe included, which I enjoyed watching. He seems very good at getting out of the pocket when it collapses and still looking down field to make a play. But he'll also take off and run and has surprising speed. He also has great touch on long passes. I think he'll be good.

Recruiting Report: Season recap, Terps tight end commitment P.J. Gallo -
Great piece by Matt Bracken on future Terp football player P.J. Gallo. Maryland recruited him as a tight end, but apparently he's pretty awesome at DE and LB too.

Terps lose at NCST; The Good, The Bad, The Ugly | Baltimore Sports and Life
Chris at Baltimore Sports and Life looks at the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from Maryland's loss to NC State.