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Updated Maryland Depth Chart Released: Till Replaces Robinson at Safety

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And this guy is back in the mix.
And this guy is back in the mix.

With the announcement that Maryland's Matt Robinson was lost for the season at safety, I speculated that maybe, just maybe, Maryland's coaching staff would use the opportunity to cancel the failed Kenny Tate STAR Experiment and move him back to safety.

And...that didn't happen. Sorry, folks. In the updated depth chart for Towson that released earlier today, Tate is still listed at the STAR spot. There is a bit of good news in who's replacing Robinson, though: it's Titus Till, a redshirt freshman and the 2010 class' most highly-regarded commitment. Till's got a lot of talent, and I'm intrigued to see what he can do. His backup is A.J. Hendy, the most highly-regarded commitment of 2011. Lots of pure talent there.

In other changes: I was right about the WR depth chart being, roughly, Kevin Dorsey-Quintin McCree-Ronnie Tyler-Tony Logan, which is a lot of talent and experience for Danny O'Brien to throw to. That's the only offensive change.

Defensively, Andre Monroe is now off the two-deep and, presumably, onto the injury report. Monroe went down early in the Temple game and didn't return, and was replaced by senior and converted offensive guard Maurice Hampton. Hampton is the one starting in his stead, backed up by Darius Kilgo. The "Edsall/Gattuso/Bradford doesn't like A.J. Francis" theory gained some more steam, as Francis is still listed behind Joe Vellano.

The other big change has Lorne Goree starting at middle linebacker, with former starter Demetrius Hartsfield moving back to his more natural WILL spot. That's a result of a continuing injury to Darin Drakeford, formerly the WILL starter, and showcases really how little proven depth there is at linebacker. Goree's back-up is now Cole Farrand, a true freshman.

The final change is pretty small-time: backup defensive end Clarence Murphy, who is also injured, is replaced by converted offensive lineman Cody Blue. Looking at the two-deep, you really realize just how starved this defense is. They couldn't really afford injuries, but they've had a ton of them. If one or two more of the front seven go down, Maryland will be in full-blown panic mode.