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ESPN's College Football Live Coming to College Park for Maryland-Miami Opener

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Maybe these three, maybe not. Hopefully not. Image via <a href=""></a>
Maybe these three, maybe not. Hopefully not. Image via

Maryland hasn't hosted the awesomeness that is College Football Gameday in forever. (Actually, have they ever?) Given that they don't have a game this Saturday, it won't be starting now. But they do have the next closest thing: it sounds like College Football Live, normally a studio wrap-up show, will be broadcast live from Byrd Stadium's student section starting at 7 pm on ESPN, going until the Terrapins kick off their season against Miami on national TV at 8.

An email was sent out to the students, and the official site mentioned it in about half a sentence buried a third of the way down their official Miami game preview. And ... awesome. (NB: No idea which analysts will be there, as they usually vary throughout the week.)

The gates open at 6:30, and I'm half-expecting, half-hoping the student section to be reasonably filled by the time the show starts to air at 7. Normally I wouldn't harbor any such hopes, but with the levels of excitement this game is reaching, anything else would be a massive disappointment. Don't let me down on national TV here, students.

And, of course, this is a great chance for the student body to showcase their trademark wit to the nation. Given that the student section is the backdrop, I'm expecting to see plenty of signs. Anything using the U in a derogatory manner is fair game, as are Nevin Shapiro references. But don't let me limit you: be creative.

Although, based on Maryland fansstoried history, I'm wondering which genius at the Worldwide Leader signed off on this idea. No matter: they did, and we reap the benefits. Now: more sign ideas, go!