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PSA: Maryland Fall Practice Starts Today (and Terrapins Rising Premieres)

Can you feel it? Fall practice is here for Maryland, finally - they're the last team in the ACC to start the annual ritual.

Updates will, of course, flow; injuries, position battles, and other noteworthy news will be pretty heavy between now and the Miami game on Labor Day. If you're jonesing for a fix, we did do a piece a few days ago on the fall practice storylines that we'd be keeping an eye on.

Also important: Terrapins Rising starts tonight. The half-hour giant advertisement for - er, sorry, the behind-the-scenes look at the spring practice of - the Maryland football program does admittedly always have a few interesting views at the team that you never otherwise see. A lot of it is traditional fodder, but a lot of it can also be pretty interesting.

Episode one is tonight on CSN for the locals or Fox Sports Atlantic nationally at 9:00. Here is a link to the trailer.